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Michael has agreed to meet Agent Bly ("a friend"), who says he now has evidence of Card's transgressions, and offers a deal. Michael doesn't like the deal, and instead chooses to make a last-ditch effort to get himself and his team out of the country. This is thwarted when Riley and a CIA team track Michael, Sam and Jesse to their rendezvous point. In the melee, Jesse is captured and Sam is shot. Michael escapes with an incapacitated agent and a badly wounded Sam. They call on Fiona's EMT ex-boyfriend, who reluctantly helps patch up Sam, but tells them that Sam needs proper surgery as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Jesse is being beaten and interrogated by Riley's team, to no avail. Back at the house, Michael leaves his captive alone in a room, knowing he'll try to fashion a phone to contact Riley. When he does, Michael and Fiona are able to trace the call and get the location of the building where Jesse is being held. After nerve-gassing the building, Michael manages to get Jesse out. Despite the best efforts of Fiona's EMT friend, Sam is getting worse. Fiona reveals that she knows a recently unlicensed doctor that could perform emergency surgery on Sam. Michael, Sam and Jesse get in a car, and Fiona proceeds to drive at high speed to the doctor's house. As Fiona is driving them, a rapidly fading Sam tells Michael to make sure "this isn't for nothing." When Michael replies by saying Sam's name, Sam doesn't respond.

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Burn Notice Season 6

# Title Air Date
Burn Notice
6:1 Scorched Earth Jun 14, 2012
6:2 Mixed Messages Jun 21, 2012
6:3 Last Rites Jun 28, 2012
6:4 Under the Gun Jul 12, 2012
6:5 Split Decision Jul 19, 2012
6:6 Shock Wave Jul 26, 2012
6:7 Reunion Aug 2, 2012
6:8 Unchained Aug 9, 2012
6:9 Official Business Aug 16, 2012
6:10 Desperate Times Aug 23, 2012
6:11 Desperate Measures Nov 8, 2012
6:12 Means & Ends Nov 8, 2012
6:13 Over the Line Nov 15, 2012
6:14 Down & Out Nov 29, 2012
6:15 Best Laid Plans Dec 6, 2012
6:16 Odd Man Out Dec 13, 2012
6:17 You Can Run Dec 20, 2012
6:18 Game Change Dec 20, 2012

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