While trying to hide from Card, Fiona and Sam agree to help Ayn, Fi's old prison mate, when she reveals she is the target of a dirty cop. Meanwhile, after Gray convinces Card that Michael and the team have been eliminated, Card asks him to dig up any info Michael may have had on the Anson operation and then torch Michael's loft. This allows Michael to feed misleading information to Card, before eventually confronting him. After a fierce confrontation, Card shoots Gray in the chest in front of Michael, killing him. Card manages to talk Michael into lowering his weapon, hinting that Michael can carry on the operations that Anson and Gray were involved in. Card then says to Michael, "I'm proud of you son," which is what Card had previously said to Michael and Gray when he was deceiving them. In response, Michael shoots Card in the head and Card falls to the floor, dead.

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Burn Notice Season 6

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Burn Notice
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