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Fiona is about to get released from prison but an agent from MI6 tries to prevent that from happening. Sam and Barry get trapped in a house on the beach. Despite Barry suffering multiple gun wounds, Barry and Sam escaped the beach house alive. Michael, Jessie, Pierce, and Nate traveled to Atlantic City to capture Anson. Michael and his team staked out in a motel room and Nate almost blew their cover twice. Michael, in anger, tells Nate to leave Atlantic City so he would no longer be a distraction from the team. Nate, now separated from the group, sadly prepared to leave Atlantic City when he received a call from Michael saying that Nate was closer (in distance) from Anson as the rest of the team. Nate in response, located Anson, confronted him, and incapacitated him. Nate then proceeded to hold Anson at gun point (while standing behind Anson) and took him outside. Michael, Jessie, Pierce and the rest of their team then showed up on the scene and prepared to arrest Anson. Michael, Jessie, and Pierce began to walk towards Anson and Nate when an unknown assailant fired one bullet from a sniper rifle at Anson's chest. The bullet penetrated through Anson's chest and went straight into Nate's body. Anson is killed instantly while Nate died moments later in Michael's arms as Pierce, Jessie, and several pedestrians who heard the gunshot looked on. Michael returned to Miami where he informed Madeline about Nate's death, who immediately broke down in tears. Fiona is released from prison and Michael tells her that he needs her more than ever.

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Burn Notice Season 6

# Title Air Date
Burn Notice
6:1 Scorched Earth Jun 14, 2012
6:2 Mixed Messages Jun 21, 2012
6:3 Last Rites Jun 28, 2012
6:4 Under the Gun Jul 12, 2012
6:5 Split Decision Jul 19, 2012
6:6 Shock Wave Jul 26, 2012
6:7 Reunion Aug 2, 2012
6:8 Unchained Aug 9, 2012
6:9 Official Business Aug 16, 2012
6:10 Desperate Times Aug 23, 2012
6:11 Desperate Measures Nov 8, 2012
6:12 Means & Ends Nov 8, 2012
6:13 Over the Line Nov 15, 2012
6:14 Down & Out Nov 29, 2012
6:15 Best Laid Plans Dec 6, 2012
6:16 Odd Man Out Dec 13, 2012
6:17 You Can Run Dec 20, 2012
6:18 Game Change Dec 20, 2012

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