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Tom Card offers Fiona a deal to become a CIA asset, which will get her out of prison and protect her from extradition, in exchange for helping the Agency bring down her old arms dealer, Greyson Miller (Wayne LeGette). Before he can carry out Card's mission, Michael must first protect Rebecca's criminal brother, Trent, from a mob boss (Rick D. Wasserman) who believes Trent is responsible for his father dying in prison. Through an elaborate ruse, Michael manages to convince the mobster that Trent is not the one who sold his father out. Finally, Michael meets with Greyson, who is then captured. However, Fiona remains jailed until Anson is found. Rebecca reveals that she knows where Anson will be in the future.

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Burn Notice Season 6

# Title Air Date
Burn Notice
6:1 Scorched Earth Jun 14, 2012
6:2 Mixed Messages Jun 21, 2012
6:3 Last Rites Jun 28, 2012
6:4 Under the Gun Jul 12, 2012
6:5 Split Decision Jul 19, 2012
6:6 Shock Wave Jul 26, 2012
6:7 Reunion Aug 2, 2012
6:8 Unchained Aug 9, 2012
6:9 Official Business Aug 16, 2012
6:10 Desperate Times Aug 23, 2012
6:11 Desperate Measures Nov 8, 2012
6:12 Means & Ends Nov 8, 2012
6:13 Over the Line Nov 15, 2012
6:14 Down & Out Nov 29, 2012
6:15 Best Laid Plans Dec 6, 2012
6:16 Odd Man Out Dec 13, 2012
6:17 You Can Run Dec 20, 2012
6:18 Game Change Dec 20, 2012

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