Having learned that she has been targeted for murder, Fiona attempts to learn her would-be assassin's name. She befriends Ayn, who supplies black market goods to the prisoners. Ayn wants Fiona to arrange for the guards to be locked out of the cell block in order to knock her new competitor out of commission. Fiona does so after creating a makeshift explosive device. Meanwhile, Pearce gets Michael's team to help her take down the man who killed her fiancé years ago. The man, CIA asset Ahmed Damour (Faran Tahir), has a hard drive full of valuable information that protects him. Michael, Jesse and Pearce accompany Ahmed on his vacation cruise, dose him with a drug that replicates the symptoms of meningitis, and quarantine him. Sam, Maddie and Nate go to Ahmed's home impersonating a medical team, to convince Ahmed's son Sharif that he is in danger of infection. They eventually recover the hard drive, rendering Ahmed expendable. Michael visits Fiona in prison, where he learns the name of a guard who is part of a plot to kill her.

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Burn Notice Season 6

# Title Air Date
Burn Notice
6:1 Scorched Earth Jun 14, 2012
6:2 Mixed Messages Jun 21, 2012
6:3 Last Rites Jun 28, 2012
6:4 Under the Gun Jul 12, 2012
6:5 Split Decision Jul 19, 2012
6:6 Shock Wave Jul 26, 2012
6:7 Reunion Aug 2, 2012
6:8 Unchained Aug 9, 2012
6:9 Official Business Aug 16, 2012
6:10 Desperate Times Aug 23, 2012
6:11 Desperate Measures Nov 8, 2012
6:12 Means & Ends Nov 8, 2012
6:13 Over the Line Nov 15, 2012
6:14 Down & Out Nov 29, 2012
6:15 Best Laid Plans Dec 6, 2012
6:16 Odd Man Out Dec 13, 2012
6:17 You Can Run Dec 20, 2012
6:18 Game Change Dec 20, 2012

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