Michael shoots and kills Sonya to protect Fiona. James sees this from the helicopter, and orders his men on the ground to engage Michael and Fiona, but Sam and Jesse help the two escape. The four are now fugitives in the eyes of Strong and the law, and Michael states that their only option left is to take down James and his organization. Using Jesse's help, they locate an engineer named Max Lyster (Alan Ruck), who helped James build a satellite up link facility. They kidnap Max to obtain the facility's location and other useful information. Michael, Fiona, and Sam go to collect a hard drive from the facility, while Jesse goes to Maddie's house to help Maddie and Charlie escape James' security forces. Inside the satellite facility, the team locates and secures the hard drive, but James contacts Michael and threatens Maddie if anything further threatens him or his operation. James and his soldiers surround the room Michael's in, and Madeline, knowing that Michael, Fiona, Sam, Jesse, and Charlie will die if she doesn't take any action, sacrifices herself by blowing up her house using a homemade bomb. Michael and Fiona, now knowing that he has nothing to lose, forces a shootout between them and James. Sam meanwhile, attempts to escape the building with the hard drive, but is forced into a shootout with one of James' men. Sam ultimately distracts the soldier with a roll of tape and shoots him to death. Michael and Fiona manage to kill all of James' men, but Michael's pistol runs out of bullets. Moments before James could kill Michael, Fiona tossed Michael her gun. Using Fiona's pistol, Michael fatally shoots James in the chest. While dying, James reveals a dead man's switch that will blow up the building, and he pushes it. Just as Sam escapes with the hard drive, multiple explosions rock the building, killing James and presumably killing Michael and Fiona. Some time later, Sam and Jesse meet with Strong, who says the information on the hard drive led the CIA to over 100 members of James' organization. Strong says there are still many who want Sam and Jesse imprisoned, but he thinks they are heroes and lets them go. He also says that Michael will be getting a star on the CIA Memorial Wall. It is later shown that Michael and Fiona escaped the explosion, but must be presumed dead to protect themselves and Charlie, who now lives with them in a location that could be presumed as Ireland. Michael asks Fiona what they should tell Charlie in the future when he starts asking questions. Fiona tells Michael start with the beginning, telling him to say his trademark line, "My name is Michael Westen. I used to be a spy."

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