The episode opens with Michael in the basement of James' safe house in Mexico, locked in a makeshift prison cell. Sonya questions him about their relationship, asking if any of it was real. Michael is brought to James, who asks him about his true motives, and it is clear Michael has given up on his life and mission for the CIA. James makes a surprising offer to Michael: he will keep Michael's family and friends out of prison and let Michael "capture" him for the CIA. In exchange, Michael will lie to the CIA, basically becoming a "triple agent," and James' organization will continue with Michael and Sonya in charge. Michael agrees, returning to the CIA where he and Agent Strong meet with the CIA Director. The Director wants to shut down the operation, but Michael convinces him to allow him 48 hours to finish. Strong contacts Fiona and tells her that she and the rest of the team are off the case, which makes them highly suspicious. Fiona meets Michael, and it is clear she is upset and not buying the story Michael tells. She plants a bullet in the magazine of his pistol which houses a tracking device. Sam and Jesse are incredulous, but agree to spy on Michael. They find out Michael is betraying them and the CIA, when he lies about meeting James. Sam is convinced Michael has gone to the "other side," and he and Jesse make a plan to stop him, not knowing the whole story. They want to "save" him by essentially abducting him, putting him in a boat plane, and getting him out of the country. Similarly, Fiona convinces Madeline to go on the run with them all, burning down her house so they can evade James' security men. Sam calls Michael with a ruse, claiming something terrible is going to happen unless the two of them meet Fiona. The plan almost works, but Michael sees through Sam's deception (from their past together, and because the meeting site is one that Fiona would never use). Michael explains the good he can do with James' resources, then Sam reminds him that the people who killed Nate believed they were "doing good." The two fight, Michael wins, and warns Sam to "stay out of my way." Michael meets with Sonya to put the final pieces of James' "capture" together. Unable to let Michael go, his friends show up at the capture site. Fiona goes in to try and stop Michael, who is on a roof waiting for James to arrive via helicopter. Sonya arrives as James is minutes away, and is angry that Fiona's presence could compromise the operation. Michael, unable to make Fiona leave or tell her the full story, is torn between what to do. Fiona refuses to leave until she sees "the old Michael." The episode ends with Sonya saying that if Michael won't act, she will. She draws a pistol from her waist and the screen goes to black as a single gunshot is heard.

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