Michael copies Sonya's phone after the two sleep together, which lets Strong learn details about their next mission in Veracruz, Mexico. Meanwhile, Fiona is tasked with protecting Madeline from James' men who entered her house, but has to wait for instructions from the team in Mexico before making her move. To avoid detection, Strong has hired freelance mercenaries to grab James. James, Michael, and Sonya manage to get away from the ambush. James sees that they are being followed by Strong's helicopter and his group splits up. While the team in Strong's helicopter pursues James, Strong sends another team of mercenaries to intercept Michael. In the ensuing firefight, it is revealed that the leader of the mercenaries is Simon Escher, who has been running off-the-books ops for the CIA for nearly two years. With Strong's permission, the duo lure James and Sonya to the boatyard. But after Michael sees Simon brutally kill one of James' wounded agents, he attacks Simon instead. Simon tells Michael that it's not too late to "be the hero," insinuating that is the only thing that drives Michael, and Michael stabs him in the heart. Michael then helps Sonya and James get away to the safe house. An upset James holds Sonya at gunpoint, believing that she is the one who betrayed him. Michael saves her by blowing his cover, stating he has been working with the CIA the whole time. James has Sonya hold a loaded pistol to Michael's head, but wants to know why Michael led them to safety when he could have completed his CIA mission. Michael states that though he disagrees with some of James' methods, he does believe the missions were necessary. He also says that if the CIA could employ a man like Simon, he no longer wants to work for them. James spares him for now, saying he is not satisfied yet.

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Burn Notice Season 7

# Title Air Date
Burn Notice
7:1 New Deal Jun 6, 2013
7:2 Forget Me Not Jun 13, 2013
7:3 Down Range Jun 20, 2013
7:4 Brothers In Arms Jun 27, 2013
7:5 Exit Plan Jul 11, 2013
7:6 All or Nothing Jul 18, 2013
7:7 Psychological Warfare Jul 25, 2013
7:8 Nature of the Beast Aug 1, 2013
7:9 Bitter Pill Aug 8, 2013
7:10 Things Unseen Aug 15, 2013
7:11 Tipping Point Aug 22, 2013
7:12 Sea Change Sep 5, 2013
7:13 Reckoning Sep 12, 2013

Season:  1  / Episode:  5 
Tipping Point

Season:  1  / Episode:  5 
Tipping Point


Season:  3  / Episode:  16 
Tipping Point