Michael goes deep undercover, unintentionally losing Strong’s surveillance team. James asks Michael to complete the mission that Burke was working on before he gave up his life – taking down a Dominican drug enforcement official who has used his position to become that nation’s largest drug smuggler. Meanwhile, Fiona and Jesse are asked by Strong to fly to Mississippi and investigate a criminally insane former special forces soldier, whose stay at a hospital is being funded by James. Michael confides in Sam that the more he learns about James' network, the more he questions his own motives. In the end, however, Michael meets the institutionalized soldier who was in Delta Force with James, and learns how far James will go to see his vision through. James and the institutionalized soldier used to be in the same task force, but when their comrades prepared to blow up a building full of civilians, James slit all of their throats in their sleep.

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Burn Notice Season 7

# Title Air Date
Burn Notice
7:1 New Deal Jun 6, 2013
7:2 Forget Me Not Jun 13, 2013
7:3 Down Range Jun 20, 2013
7:4 Brothers In Arms Jun 27, 2013
7:5 Exit Plan Jul 11, 2013
7:6 All or Nothing Jul 18, 2013
7:7 Psychological Warfare Jul 25, 2013
7:8 Nature of the Beast Aug 1, 2013
7:9 Bitter Pill Aug 8, 2013
7:10 Things Unseen Aug 15, 2013
7:11 Tipping Point Aug 22, 2013
7:12 Sea Change Sep 5, 2013
7:13 Reckoning Sep 12, 2013


Season:  9  / Episode:  1 
Nature of the Beast

Nature of the Beast
performed by Slaine; features DJ Lethal and Everlast