Sonya says her boss has agreed to meet with Michael, then she tases him. At a compound, the boss (John Pyper-Ferguson) becomes Michael's interrogator, using sensory torture in a padded room and hallucinogenic drugs to learn all about Michael and ensure that he has no secrets. "Dead Larry" Sizemore returns in a hallucination, bringing back memories of an event in Kiev that forever changed Michael. Meanwhile, Fiona and Sam notice that Sonya and an accomplice have broken into Michael's loft, have removed several boxes, and are taking them to an incinerator. They tail Sonya's car to a gated bridge that leads to a private island (presumably where Michael is held), and Sam borrows a boat from Elsa so that he and Fiona can view the compound from the sea. Michael is shown hallucinating about his father, when he and Nate were very young, then he is back in the padded room after blacking out. Sonya bursts in and says that her boss found out that Michael has been disloyal, and they need to escape. While trying to escape, Michael again recalls his father, and that he never told him anything. Thus, he turns back to the compound, shocking Fiona and Sam who are watching from a distance. The boss, who now identifies himself as James, welcomes Michael to "the family", as a satisfied Sonya looks on. Michael then returns home and, after recuperating from the drugs, confesses to Madeline that his father's abuse is the reason that he is still alive.

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Burn Notice Season 7

# Title Air Date
Burn Notice
7:1 New Deal Jun 6, 2013
7:2 Forget Me Not Jun 13, 2013
7:3 Down Range Jun 20, 2013
7:4 Brothers In Arms Jun 27, 2013
7:5 Exit Plan Jul 11, 2013
7:6 All or Nothing Jul 18, 2013
7:7 Psychological Warfare Jul 25, 2013
7:8 Nature of the Beast Aug 1, 2013
7:9 Bitter Pill Aug 8, 2013
7:10 Things Unseen Aug 15, 2013
7:11 Tipping Point Aug 22, 2013
7:12 Sea Change Sep 5, 2013
7:13 Reckoning Sep 12, 2013