Burke tells Michael that they must free a woman named Sonya (Alona Tal), whom he calls "the future, the key to everything," from a group of Russian spies. Burke knows that Serrano has information on the woman's whereabouts, and has Michael threaten Serrano's young daughter (forcing Serrano to watch via Michael's POV camera) to get him to reveal that Sonya is being held in Cuba. Shortly after, Burke convinces Serrano to commit suicide. With help from Sam and Jesse who come to Cuba, along with Fiona and Madeline back in Miami, Michael concocts a scheme to convince the leader of the Russian spies that he has a traitor in his operation, forcing him to hasten Sonya's escape. But the plan backfires when the leader hears that a Russian submarine is in the area and they don't need the boat that Michael is providing via Burke. So Burke, stating that Sonya is of utmost importance to his operation, sacrifices himself in an explosion so that Michael can free Sonya. But later, Sonya attacks Jesse when the two are alone, and she escapes the team. Michael states that they must find Sonya.

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Burn Notice Season 7

# Title Air Date
Burn Notice
7:1 New Deal Jun 6, 2013
7:2 Forget Me Not Jun 13, 2013
7:3 Down Range Jun 20, 2013
7:4 Brothers In Arms Jun 27, 2013
7:5 Exit Plan Jul 11, 2013
7:6 All or Nothing Jul 18, 2013
7:7 Psychological Warfare Jul 25, 2013
7:8 Nature of the Beast Aug 1, 2013
7:9 Bitter Pill Aug 8, 2013
7:10 Things Unseen Aug 15, 2013
7:11 Tipping Point Aug 22, 2013
7:12 Sea Change Sep 5, 2013
7:13 Reckoning Sep 12, 2013

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