Fiona is taken to a correctional facility and experiences the beginning of a 90-day sentence. Frank suffers post-operative delirium where he can't distinguish clearly who people are or why he's in the hospital. While there, Frank bonds with Emily, a young girl who's waiting for a new heart; he becomes genuinely sad when she dies before her pending transplant. Though Sheila means well, Samantha wants to stop her Native American methods of cures for more modern ones, and sparks a rift between the two. Carl invites Bonnie's family to live at the Gallagher house, confusing Lip momentarily but gaining approval so Lip can further irritate and scare Amanda's parents. A social worker stops by and inspects the house that is now under Lip's guardianship. Documenting but ignoring flagrant violations of the Illinois DCFS, the social worker is impressed with Lip's responsibility and aids him. Ian crashes Mickey's son's christening. Later, at a post-party, where Mickey's dad Terry is present, Mickey announces his homosexuality to everyone, causing a bar brawl with the Milkoviches; Terry gets arrested once more. After witnessing their daughter's new boyfriend's lifestyle, Amanda's parents use bribery in an attempt to keep Lip away; it goes over not so smoothly. Debbie meets a classmate who initially seems to like her, but who suddenly twists Debbie's innocence into an ugly and humiliating internet prank.

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