Immediately following her confrontation with Robbie, Fiona spirals out of control and goes on a binge, partaking heavily in narcotics and alcohol. Waking up periodically, Fiona regains coherence in a gas station in Sheboygan, WI as the people she was riding with strand her there. The remaining Gallaghers and the newly arrived Ball family go into search party mode to find her and end up applying the methods they used to find Frank when he disappears. Lip eventually finds Fiona and, seeing how broken she is, forgives her, apologizing for his harsh attitude towards her. Carl and Bonnie steal a car, some food, and delve into their family lives. Mickey starts to feud with Kev over the money they're making with on their joint-venture. Kev robs Mickey of his cut so he can buy new baby items, much to Mickey's anger. At home, Kev starts stockpiling weapons in case Mickey tries to retaliate, but promises Veronica he'll get rid of them after one of them goes off. After going to the Milkovich home, Ian and Mickey discover Mandy is back with her abusive boyfriend Kenyatta, with her believing it was her fault he hit her. Ian wants to take her out to a safe place, but the ensuing argument reveals Ian has some apparent issues he's still dealing with, especially when he holds a knife to Kenyatta's throat. Sam and Sheila devise a cheaper alternative for Frank's liver problem, but things do not go as planned.

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Shameless Season 4

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4:7 A Jailbird, Invalid, Martyr, Cutter, Retard and Parasitic Twin Feb 23, 2014
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4:10 Liver, I Hardly Know Her Mar 23, 2014
4:11 Emily Mar 30, 2014
4:12 Lazarus Apr 6, 2014

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