Carl connects with a girl in detention by the name of Bonnie. They appear to have the same interests for recklessness and violence, causing Carl to fall head over heels. Debbie tries to connect with Matt, but he's found someone else, making her jealous and takes action to monopolize him. Amanda tries to seduce Lip, to which he tries to repel since she's dating his roommate; until a compromising position arises, but doesn't have the result Lip had expected. Amanda brings structure to Lip's life to where he's not accustomed to, but comes at a cost. Sheila returns with big plans for her and Frank before he is to die of his illness. Refusing to accept his situation and in denial of his condition, Samantha and Sheila bring Frank's wish of visiting the Alibi to him. Fiona searches for a job as part of her probation. Things start off well until her prior actions continue to haunt her, forcing her to confront Robbie. Mickey spends time with Ian instead of his wife and newborn son. Though she wants him to come home and to pay for and take care of their child, Mickey is reluctant to do so. But seeing it as a way out, the duo come up with a plan, until Mickey's wife disrupts their goals. Mandy attempts to reconnect with Lip, but her boyfriend thinks there's more going on between them, which comes to a head at the college.

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Shameless Season 4

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