To prepare for a visit from her probation officer, Fiona must remove all paraphernalia from the house which includes Carl's hidden weapons such as a Taser and nunchakus as well as Debbie's "Countdown to Virginity" poster. Ian is kicked out of Mickey's house by Mickey's wife who feels threatened by Ian's presence while Carl gets suspended from school for bullying the students who made fun of Liam's incident. Ian returns to the Gallagher house to Fiona's surprise. While trying to pry out where he's been the entire time, Ian reveals little of his time in the Army and continually has "ideas" for future endeavors. Mickey gets torn between his relationships with Ian and his Russian wife until he succumbs to Ian's demands. Debbie spurns Fiona as a sister and finds solace with Samantha who guides her through her first period along with "the birds and the bees." Kev, feeling he further needs to protect his upcoming family and the Alibi Room, decides to purchase more guns, but gets a page saying Carol is in labor. After the baby is born, Carol reconsiders and wants to keep the baby. To Kev's disappointment, he agrees and creates a new motto for him to follow after realizing how dangerous life is with a family on the way. Lip finds that caring for Liam has its own benefits. In an effort to raise money for Frank's surgery, Samantha decides to scam money by selling Sheila's house for cash with the aid of Carl. In return, Frank decides to go to Carl's school to apologize for his son's recent violent actions, which have an unexpected result. Robbie comes by the house to apologize for what's happened, but Fiona slams the door in his face. Lip comes home to a drunken Fiona who nearly burns the house down, forcing him to take Carl and Liam with him so she can figure things out.

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