Guardianship duties fall upon Lip, who bans Frank from smoking weed to make the house presentable to the social worker who will drop by at the house at any moment. After planning on taking Liam with him to his classes, Lip gets some unexpected assistance from Amanda in the form of babysitting and snacks from her family in Florida. Carl defends his family when two students at his school make fun of Liam's incident while on the bus. Mickey searches for Ian and discovers where he's at. After trying to talk him into coming home, Mickey waits for Ian to finish work, finds him passed out due to drugs and brings him to the Milkovich home. Debbie tries to make Matt a nice dinner as a part of their anniversary, Matt breaks things off with her, citing that she's too young. Fiona sees her public defender who says she may serve some time if she pleads guilty, though Fiona is stern to believe that she's not guilty. Later that night, Lip and Fiona fight and come to a realization on the incident with Liam. The Alibi Room gets robbed of what little cash Kev had saved up, prompting him to get a gun for protection. Meanwhile, Frank is trying to adjust to his conditions and decides to write a book about his escapades with alcohol and drugs, while Samantha interprets this as Frank's memoirs which angers him to hear. To calm him down, Samantha gives Frank hard drugs which causes him to pass out in the bathroom and soil himself, prompting Lip and the rest of the Gallaghers to kick her, Frank and Chuckie out. Fiona comes to her hearing where the judge states she be under house arrest instead of facing jail time and charged as a felon. When asked on how she is to plea, Fiona replies "I'm guilty."

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