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The President's son and other children of Washington's elite, along with chaperone-father Francis Gibson, get taken from a bus on a rural road. The elaborate plan is effective until student Anton Roth is rescued by injured Secret Service Agent Marcus Finley, who has been shot by a fellow agent, and they escape into the woods. The remaining hostages are taken to a house, where Gibson plots to take a gun from a kidnapper. This is also part of the plan, as he is injured and taken to a room where he is revealed to be the mastermind with a detailed notebook. Even though they had last parted on bad terms, FBI Agent Dunn and her CEO sister Meg Fitch work together. Fitch's daughter is among the kidnapped and it is revealed the girl was actually Dunn's child. Gibson is shown as a CIA analyst bent on revenge for being betrayed by the government. His plan is to test the parents' loyalties to either their children or their country.

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Crisis Season 1

# Title Air Date
1:1 Pilot Mar 16, 2014
1:2 If You Are Watching This I Am Dead Mar 23, 2014
1:3 What Was Done To You Mar 30, 2014

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