Norma's revelation deeply affects her family and herself. Norman vows to protect her and Dylan wonders if she married young and used his conception to somehow get away from Caleb's abuse. Norman imagines his mother's rape from Caleb, which leads him to Caleb's motel room. His fractured psyche causes him to lash out at Caleb in Norma's persona. Meanwhile, Emma wishes to lose her virginity to the guy she met at Bradley's memorial.

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Bates Motel Season 2

# Title Air Date
Bates Motel
2:1 Gone But Not Forgotten Mar 3, 2014
2:2 Shadow of a Doubt Mar 10, 2014
2:3 Caleb Mar 17, 2014
2:4 Check-Out Mar 24, 2014
2:5 The Escape Artist Mar 31, 2014
2:6 Plunge Apr 7, 2014
2:7 Presumed Innocent Apr 14, 2014
2:8 Meltdown Apr 21, 2014
2:9 The Box Apr 28, 2014

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