In Sioux Falls, South Dakota, a young woman named Alex (Katherine Ramdeen) is arrested, but while the police officers are gone, is attacked by a vampire who shows a familiarity to her. Sheriff Jody Mills (guest star Kim Rhodes) kills the vampire and calls in Sam and Dean for help. They discover that Alex was kidnapped eight years ago by a "family" of vampires led by Celia (guest star Ashley Crow) and that they are now after her as she ran away from them. Tracing the nest to O'Neill, Nebraska through a bus ticket, Sam and Dean confront one of the vampires while Jody protects Alex. Before being killed, the vampire reveals that Alex lures humans to the nest for the vampires to feed on and is not innocent after all. Before Sam and Dean can reach them, the "family" attacks Jody and Alex and kidnaps Alex who is revealed to have run away out of guilt over her actions. Returning to the nest to kill the vampires, Sam, Dean and Jody are captured and Jody finds Alex turned into a vampire. Jody realizes Celia kidnapped Alex to replace a daughter she lost a long time ago and admits that she herself sees Alex as a way to cope with her own dead family. Alex saves Jody from Celia who Jody kills. At the same time, Dean breaks free and kills the other two vampires, but shows pleasure in doing it, disturbing Sam. As Alex has not fed, Sam and Dean are able to cure her and Jody decides to take care of Alex as long as she needs her as they can relate, both having lost their entire families.

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Supernatural Season 9

# Title Air Date
9:1 I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here Oct 8, 2013
9:2 Devil May Care Oct 15, 2013
9:3 I'm No Angel Oct 22, 2013
9:4 Slumber Party Oct 29, 2013
9:5 Dog Dean Afternoon Nov 5, 2013
9:6 Heaven Can't Wait Nov 12, 2013
9:7 Bad Boys Nov 19, 2013
9:8 Rock and a Hard Place Nov 26, 2013
9:9 Holy Terror Dec 3, 2013
9:10 Road Trip Jan 14, 2014
9:11 First Born Jan 21, 2014
9:12 Sharp Teeth Jan 28, 2014
9:13 The Purge Feb 4, 2014
9:14 Captives Feb 25, 2014
9:15 #THINMAN Mar 4, 2014
9:16 Blade Runners Mar 18, 2014
9:17 Mother's Little Helper Mar 25, 2014
9:18 Meta Fiction Apr 15, 2014
9:19 Alex Annie Alexis Ann Apr 22, 2014
9:20 Bloodlines Apr 29, 2014
9:21 King of the Damned May 6, 2014
9:22 Stairway to Heaven May 13, 2014
9:23 Do You Believe In Miracles May 20, 2014

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