In Ogden, Utah several angels have been slaughtered for refusing to join Metatron who claims he can get them back into Heaven. Several angels want Castiel to lead them against him but Castiel refuses. Castiel is approached by Gabriel who says he survived and came out of hiding to be the leader against Metatron. Castiel realizes this is an illusion created by Metatron. Metatron views the whole angel war as a story and wants Castiel to play the villain by leading angels against him, and even though he will fail, Metatron claims he will let him back into Heaven and give Castiel a power supply for his new grace which will burn out and kill him if he cannot soon recharge it. Sam and Dean capture Gadreel and while Dean is alone with him Gadreel goads him about what Sam really thinks of him. Dean is heavily tempted by the Mark of Cain to kill him but is just barely able to resist the urge. Metatron tells Sam he will trade Castiel for Gadreel. At the trade Metatron easily puts out holy fire and erases angel warding. He says Sam & Dean cannot stop him but it will be fun watching them try as he departs with Gadreel. Castiel seems to somberly accept the mantle of leader of a group of angels as Metatron had wanted.

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Supernatural Season 9

# Title Air Date
9:1 I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here Oct 8, 2013
9:2 Devil May Care Oct 15, 2013
9:3 I'm No Angel Oct 22, 2013
9:4 Slumber Party Oct 29, 2013
9:5 Dog Dean Afternoon Nov 5, 2013
9:6 Heaven Can't Wait Nov 12, 2013
9:7 Bad Boys Nov 19, 2013
9:8 Rock and a Hard Place Nov 26, 2013
9:9 Holy Terror Dec 3, 2013
9:10 Road Trip Jan 14, 2014
9:11 First Born Jan 21, 2014
9:12 Sharp Teeth Jan 28, 2014
9:13 The Purge Feb 4, 2014
9:14 Captives Feb 25, 2014
9:15 #THINMAN Mar 4, 2014
9:16 Blade Runners Mar 18, 2014
9:17 Mother's Little Helper Mar 25, 2014
9:18 Meta Fiction Apr 15, 2014
9:19 Alex Annie Alexis Ann Apr 22, 2014
9:20 Bloodlines Apr 29, 2014
9:21 King of the Damned May 6, 2014
9:22 Stairway to Heaven May 13, 2014
9:23 Do You Believe In Miracles May 20, 2014

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