Love is in the air as the inmates prepare for a Valentine's Day party; Red makes an intriguing new discovery. Larry asks Piper to be his prison mole. Flashbacks detail Poussey's romantic history with a German girl whilst living on an army base with her father. When the two are caught making love, Poussey and her family are transferred away from the base. Whilst confronting her girlfriend's father, Poussey is ready to pull out a gun and attack him but her own father intervenes and stops her. At the Valentine's Party held at Litchfield, Pennsatucky is outlawed from her former group of friends by Leanne. Poussey and Taystee argue. Flaca and Maritza share an intimate moment in the kitchen.

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Orange is the New Black Season 2

# Title Air Date
Orange is the New Black
2:1 Thirsty Bird Jun 6, 2014
2:2 Looks Blue, Tastes Red Jun 6, 2014
2:3 Hugs Can Be Deceiving Jun 6, 2014
2:4 A Whole Other Hole Jun 6, 2014
2:5 Low Self Esteem City Jun 6, 2014
2:6 You Also Have a Pizza Jun 6, 2014
2:7 Comic Sans Jun 6, 2014
2:8 Appropriately Sized Pots Jun 6, 2014
2:9 40 Oz. of Furlough Jun 6, 2014
2:10 Little Mustachioed Shit Jun 6, 2014
2:11 Take a Break from Your Values Jun 6, 2014
2:12 It Was the Change Jun 6, 2014
2:13 We Have Manners. We're Polite. Jun 6, 2014

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