David Jacobs is a married mayoral candidate. He is also a killer. He ran over Tiffany Greenwood, his 17-year-old babysitter, with her boyfriend Kevin's stolen car. David stole Tiffany's bag after the crime. He had hoped to find a USB flash drive inside it. Tiffany had made a recording of him explaining to her why he had sex with a prostitute dressed like her. Kevin receives the drive in the mail from Tiffany. Angie and Oscar see him arguing with David at Tiffany's funeral. Kevin gives him the flash drive. However, Angie causes David to believe Kevin is going to implicate him in exchange for immunity.

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Motive Season 1

# Title Air Date
1:9 Framed
1:1 Creeping Tom Feb 3, 2013
1:2 Crimes of Passion Feb 10, 2013
1:3 Pushover Feb 17, 2013
1:4 Against All Odds Mar 3, 2013
1:5 Public Enemy Mar 10, 2013
1:6 Detour Mar 14, 2013
1:7 Out of the Past Mar 21, 2013
1:8 Undertow Mar 28, 2013
1:10 Fallen Angel Apr 25, 2013
1:11 Brute Force May 2, 2013
1:12 Ruthless May 9, 2013
1:13 The One Who Got Away May 16, 2013

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