Saved by the Bell is an American sitcom that originally aired between 1989 and 1993. The series is a retooled version of the 1988 series Good Morning, Miss Bliss. The series follows the exploits of several students at Bayside High School, along with their principal. The show brought fame to the cast members and launched most of their careers. 
The show often incorporated dramatic elements into episodes by dealing with "real teen social issues", such as drug use, drinking and driving, homelessness, financial issues, divorce, graduating, college, sibling rivalry, taking responsibilities for one's actions, being bullied, death, and environmental issues. It most importantly showed the great values of friendship.

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Seasons in this Television Series

Title Air Date
Saved by the Bell Season 2 1990
Saved by the Bell Season 3 1991
Saved by the Bell Season 4 1992

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