Perfect Strangers

Perfect Strangers

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The series chronicles the rocky coexistence of Larry Appleton (Mark Linn-Baker) and his distant cousin Balki Bartokomous (Bronson Pinchot). A Wisconsin native, Larry has just moved into a new apartment in Chicago when Balki, an unknown cousin from an island in the Mediterranean called Mypos, drops by to live with him. Balki, a sheepherder by trade, interprets what little he knows about the United States by relying on his own recollections of American pop culture, which are often out-of-context ("America... Land of my dreams, home of the Whopper"). Balki's signature is his "Dance of Joy", a cross between a Dosado and the Hokey Pokey that Balki performs in celebration of good fortune.

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Master of None:
Season:  1  / Episode:  4 
Indians on TV

This Television Episode refers to Perfect Strangers
Instead of "3 Buddies", the producer decides to do a reboot of Perfect Strangers with two Indian characters

Season:  1  / Episode:  11 
Out in the Burbs

This Television Episode refers to Perfect Strangers
Mr. Wolfe, the guidance counselor, tells Tessa that he is bidding on the Perfect Strangers box set online.

30 Rock:
Season:  6  / Episode:  5 
Today You Are a Man

This Television Episode refers to Perfect Strangers
Jack mentions that no one has ever won a land war in Russia. Not Napoleon, not Hitler, not even Balki in the unaired 9th season of Perfect Strangers.

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Perfect Stranger

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Perfect Strangers
performed by Jonas Blue; features JP Cooper