Rude Tube is a British television programme broadcast on Channel 4 and its sister channel E4. Most of the programme's episodes have been presented by English comedian Alex Zane who launched the show's pilot episode in February 2008. Comedian Matt Kirshen presented the show's first full series in 2008 on E4. Zane has hosted the show since its 2009 New Year special. Rude Tube is a clip show with the majority of episodes formatted as a run-down of the 'top internet viral videos', usually with either 100 or 50 clips per episode. Episodes are usually interspersed with interview clips of the viral videos' creators and stars.

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Seasons in this Television Series

Title Air Date
Rude Tube Season 3 2010
Rude Tube Season 4 2011
Rude Tube Season 6 2013
Rude Tube Season 7 2013
Rude Tube Season 8 2014

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