an American animated television series shown on Cartoon Network as part of its Adult Swim late-night programming block, as well as Teletoon in Canada. 
The show is about three anthropomorphic fast food items, along with their next-door neighbor, and their life together in South Jersey. The Aqua Teens were originally billed as a detective crime fighting unit; however, the crime-solving aspect of the show was quickly abandoned. There is little if any continuity between episodes; almost all recurring cast members have died at least once, only to return alive and well in the next episode.

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Samsung Galaxy S II Commercial

Samsung Galaxy S II Commercial

Dates: - December 2011
This Television Commercial refers to Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Seasons in this Television Series

Title Air Date
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Season 4 2006
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Season 6 2009

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