Dead Like Me is an American-Canadian comedy-drama television series about grim reapers who "live" and work in Seattle, Washington.  
Eighteen-year-old Georgia "George" Lass is the show's protagonist and narrator. George dies early in the pilot episode. She becomes one of the "undead," a grim reaper. George soon learns that a Reaper's job is to remove the souls of people, preferably right before they die, and escort them until they move on into their afterlife. George's death leaves her mother and the rest of her family behind at a point when her relationships with them were on shaky ground. 
The show explores the "lives" and experiences of a small team of such Reapers, as well as the post-mortem changes in George and her family as they deal with George's death.

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Seasons in this Television Series

Title Air Date
Dead Like Me Season 1 2003
Dead Like Me Season 2 2004

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