Set within the same small grocer's shop in Balby, a suburb of Doncaster in South Yorkshire, the show focuses on the life of Granville (David Jason), now much older and the owner of Arkwright's shop since his uncle's death. Despite his youth's lacklustre social life, Granville has since grown into the same person as his uncle, having been taught by him over how to sell to customers. To assist him with the running of his shop is Leroy (James Baxter), Granville's son from one of his previous girlfriends, who maintains a rather robust love life with several girls but struggles to cope with the work and sales approach of his father.

Like his uncle, Granville maintains a love life with Mavis (Maggie Ollerenshaw), an absent-minded but sweet woman who loves him in return, but who lives across the road alongside her sister Madge (Brigit Forsyth), a miserable woman who does not like men and chooses to keep Mavis from following a relationship with Granville. Both are regulars to the shop, alongside others from the neighbourhood whom Granville tries to offload products onto, which he has bought and had little success to sell on.

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