227 followed the lives of people in a middle-class apartment building in Washington, D.C. The show was centered around Mary Jenkins, a nosy, tart-tongued housewife. Her husband, Lester, had his own construction company, and their studious 14-year-old daughter, Brenda. 
Also cast in 227 was Sandra Clark, Mary's young, sexy building vamp who constantly bickered back and forth with her about their respective views on life. Pearl Shay, a crotchety-but-kind busybody neighbor, who was known for snooping. Pearl had a grandson named Calvin Dobbs, whom Brenda had a crush on and would finally date later in the series' run. 
Rose Lee Holloway was the kindhearted best friend to all. She had a daughter named Tiffany, who disappeared after the first season. Halfway through the first season, Rose became the unexpected landlord of the building after the building's stingy slumlord Mr. Calloway (who was constantly mentioned but never seen onscreen) died out of the blue in the premiere episode. Rose stayed on as landlady until the fourth season.

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227 Season 4 1989

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