Flip That House is an American anthology series created by the Discovery Home Channel and now also airing on TLC. Each episode shows a different individual (or group of people) in the process of flipping a house. All episodes show: 
Initial cost of purchase  
Initial budget and work schedule  
"Flip Tips"  
Final estimated sell price from a professional real estate agent  
Actual budget, work schedule, and possible profit  
Some older episodes also have a "Flip Forward" section. The original flippers give an update on their professional and personal lives in the Real Estate Industry (plus how much the property actually sold for).  
This show differs from many of the other "fix it up" shows in that they do not spend time on actual techniques for doing the work on the houses involved. The focus is more on the trials and tribulations of organizing the business end of things, and the processes of renovating, not the actual renovations themselves.

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