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The show centers around Brian and Kate Harper, a married couple with successful careers (Brian as a stockbroker, Kate as a lawyer) and a teenage son named Ross. After the couple had a second child, their daughter, Emily, they decided to quit their jobs and open a day care center in their home. The episodes mixed stories about the day care center with those about Ross and his friends. Louis-Dreyfus played Eileen Swift, their materialistic next-door neighbor who was also once an associate of Brian and Kate. She didn't much like the idea of them running a day care center, and often tried to persuade them to return to their former careers. Thorne-Smith played the baby's nanny, Kristin, who also worked in the day care center, and Ross had a crush on. Day by Day was connected to another NBC series, Family Ties. It was revealed that the family patriarch, Brian Harper (played by Sheehan) was a college roommate of Steven Keaton

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Family Ties

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Day By Day
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