Nancy Blansky was a long-time Las Vegas showbiz vet and current den mother to a bevy of beautiful Las Vegas showgirls. In addition to keeping order in the chaotic apartment complex where they all lived, Nancy staged the girls' big numbers at the Oasis Hotel. Although the Happy Days episode on which Nancy first appeared took place in the early '60s, Blansky's Beauties itself was set in (then) present-day 1977. 
Emilio, the maƮtre d', was Nancy's boyfriend. To help Nancy defray costs of her apartment, Ethel Akalino and Bambi shared it with her, along with her nephews Joey DeLuca, a choreographer, and leering, 12-year-old, Anthony DeLuca. Anthony was forever trying to impress Bambi, who much to his chagrin treated him like a kid brother, as did almost all of Nancy's girls. Also sharing Nancy's apartment was a huge Great Dane named Blackjack who was shown in the opening credits playing blackjack.

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