The series focuses on the search for explanations of, and evidence for, seemingly miraculous phenomena. This search is carried out by the protagonist Declan Dunn. Dunn is a professor of anthropology at the Northern University of Oregon and is often compared with Indiana Jones due to his energetic enthusiasm for solving a mystery. His passion for miraculous events has its roots in a self-experienced mischance of him being buried under an avalanche and getting out alive. He considers this to be miraculous and attributes it as the turning point in his life. In several episodes he makes references to this event and the impact it had on his life. 
Always ready to help out with the research, though sometimes they appear slightly reluctant, are Dunn's close friends Dr. Peggy Fowler, a psychiatrist at a nearby hospital, and Miranda Feigelsteen , a physics graduate student and Dunn's research assistant. Fowler is the most levelheaded of the three and is generally the one presenting the mundane alternatives to Dunn's theories.

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