The show focuses on Rob Dyrdek's personal office/playground, "The Fantasy Factory". The Fantasy Factory is a 25,000 square foot industrial-complex-turned-funhouse designed to expand the reaches of Rob's skateboard empire, known as Dyrdek Enterprises. The heart of the Fantasy Factory is Rob's office that sits atop the world's first indoor concrete skate plaza, a place where anything Rob imagines can become reality. It is located in downtown Los Angeles. Anything from zip-lines and giant skateboards, to trampolines and indoor blobbing can be achieved in Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory. Stunts like trying to beat the skateboarding land speed record on a skateboard with the help of Danny Way (Danny Way already holds two world records in skateboarding!). Or wearing stilts and playing one-on-one basketball Lakers' Lamar Odom. You will get to know the characters inhabiting the Dyrdek Enterprises warehouse.

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Seasons in this Television Series

Title Air Date
Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory Season 2 2009

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