• Dates: September 21, 1968 - August 30, 1975
  • Type: Television Series
  • Genres: Police/Crime, Drama
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The program followed the daily activities of a pair of Los Angeles police patrol officers – seven-year veteran officer Pete Malloy and rookie officer Jim Reed – and to a lesser extent Sergeant William "Mac" MacDonald. Much like Dragnet, the episodes were based on true incidents culled from LAPD case files.

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This Television Series spun-off Adam-12
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Season:  5  / Episode:  5 
The Ride Along

This Television Episode refers to Adam-12
After the guys drop the police officer (from the ride along) off at the hospital, Hank and Samurai Apocalypse want to take the police car for a drive. Charlie is uneasy about the idea. Hank says to Charlie, "What's up, Adam-12? I thought it was your boyhood dream to ride in a cop car.".

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