RUSH examines the world of renegade physician Dr. William Rush (Tom Ellis, "Miranda"), whose highly discreet approach comes with the hefty price tag and he only accepts cash.  
When the city’s wealthiest and most elite have a medical emergency, they don’t call an ambulance—they call Rush. After an impulsive decision cost him his career as an ER doctor, Rush went freelance. Now, he lives out of a hotel suite and traverses Los Angeles in his mobile office (a vintage Mercedes), providing discreet private medical care. Though the hard-partying doctor with a penchant for popping pills claims that he doesn’t make judgments about his less-than-squeaky-clean clients, he’s not immune to the ugliness that he encounters. Rush’s devoted assistant Eve (Sarah Habel, “Whip It”) encourages him to clean up his act and does her best to keep him reined in daily. However, thanks to the arrival of a former flame, Sarah (Odette Annable, “Two and a Half Men”), there’s a part of Rush that may even want to change, but -- like the scratched CDs he still listens to in his car -- Rush is a little worse for wear and maybe a little stuck. Still, the bad-boy doctor has a fundamentally good heart. Maybe that’s part of his problem.

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Rush Commercial

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