Meredith Davis is divorced from her husband, who leaves her with nothing due to a prenuptial agreement that she clearly did not read. She is forced to move in with her friend's family, whose step-daughter Lily inspires her to come up with a plan – get hired as a teacher at Lily's school, Richard Nixon Middle School, meet and marry a rich single father, and get back to the extravagant lifestyle to which she was accustomed. Using a fake résumé and her feminine charm, she gets Principal Carl Gaines to hire her. The faculty includes Joel, a former high school classmate who is now a gym teacher; Irene, a shy fellow teacher who becomes excited to have a new friend; and Ginny, faculty president who resents Meredith and is suspicious of her. Although a horrible teacher, Meredith imparts life lessons to Lily and her friends.

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Bad Teacher Season 1 2014

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