Splatoon 2 takes place approximately two years after the final Splatfest event of the first game, in which the pop idol Marie proved victorious over her cousin and fellow Squid Sister, Callie. While the two girls seem to carry on as normal afterwards, the usually inseparable cousins begin to spend more and more time apart due to their growing solo careers, with Marie beginning to worry about whether Callie was negatively affected by the Splatfest result. After going out of Inkopolis to see her parents, Marie returns home to discover both Callie and the Great Zapfish have gone missing. Fearing that the evil Octarians are once again involved, Marie once again takes on her role as Agent 2 of the Squidbeak Splatoon and recruits an Inkling from Inkopolis Square, the player character, to become Agent 4 and investigate.

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Nintendo Switch and Super Bowl LI 2017 Commercial

Nintendo Switch and Super Bowl LI 2017 Commercial

Dates: - May 2017
This Television Commercial refers to Splatoon 2

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Splatoon part of Splatoon 2015
Splatoon 2 part of Splatoon 2017

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