In the April 28, 2011 episode of Parks and Recreation (Season 3, Episode 11 - 'Jerry's Painting') Ben decides to move out of the motel he's been living in for 7 months after the discovery of Bed Bugs.  Upon hearing that Ben needs a place to stay, Andy invites him to move in with him and April.  Ben accepts Andy's offer, but learns that April has a set of rules for him to follow as a housemate.  Here is April's list of house Rules:

April from Parks and Recreation

1. You can't use the front door.  You have to climb in through the back window.

2. No personal phone conversations.

3. If you ever speak to me in Spanish, please use the formal Usted.

4. No electricity after 6:00 PM.

5. If you ever watch a sad movie, you have to wear mascara, so we can see whether or not you've been crying.

6. There's no noise allowed on Monday.

7. No TV after breakfast.