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The Sea of Trees (2015) (Movie)The Sea of TreesMovie2015
Why Did I Get Married Too? (2010) (Movie)Why Did I Get Married Too?Movie2010
Gone with the Wind (1939) (Movie)Gone with the WindMovie1939
Remember the Titans (2000) (Movie)Remember the TitansMovie2000
Finding Nemo (2003) (Movie)Finding NemoMovie2003
50/50 (2011) (Movie)50/50Movie2011
Creed (2015) (Movie)CreedMovie2015
Like Water for Chocolate (1992) (Movie)Like Water for ChocolateMovie1992
Get on the Bus (1996) (Movie)Get on the BusMovie1996
We Are Your Friends (2015) (Movie)We Are Your FriendsMovie2015
The Leisure Seeker (2018) (Movie)The Leisure SeekerMovie2018
#REALITYHIGH (2017) (Movie)#REALITYHIGHMovie2017
Blue Valentine (2010) (Movie)Blue ValentineMovie2010
The Karate Kid (1984) (Movie)The Karate KidMovie1984
Always (1989) (Movie)AlwaysMovie1989
American Gangster (2007) (Movie)American GangsterMovie2007
The Shallows (2016) (Movie)The ShallowsMovie2016
Casualties of War (1989) (Movie)Casualties of WarMovie1989
The Phantom of the Opera (2004) (Movie)The Phantom of the OperaMovie2004
The Commuter (2018) (Movie)The CommuterMovie2018
Down by Love (2016) (Movie)Down by LoveMovie2016
Moonlight (2016) (Movie)MoonlightMovie2016
Lady Bird (2017) (Movie)Lady BirdMovie2017
Fresh (1994) (Movie)FreshMovie1994
Million Dollar Arm (2014) (Movie)Million Dollar ArmMovie2014
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