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Title Type Year
The Blind Side (2009) (Movie)The Blind SideMovie2009
Field of Dreams (1989) (Movie)Field of DreamsMovie1989
Soul Surfer (2011) (Movie)Soul SurferMovie2011
He Got Game (1998) (Movie)He Got GameMovie1998
The Sixth Man (1997) (Movie)The Sixth ManMovie1997
Angels in the Outfield (1994) (Movie)Angels in the OutfieldMovie1994
The Fighter (2010) (Movie)The FighterMovie2010
Rudy (1993) (Movie)RudyMovie1993
Friday Night Lights (2004) (Movie)Friday Night LightsMovie2004
Gridiron Gang (2006) (Movie)Gridiron GangMovie2006
Any Given Sunday (1999) (Movie)Any Given SundayMovie1999
Remember the Titans (2000) (Movie)Remember the TitansMovie2000
Varsity Blues (1999) (Movie)Varsity BluesMovie1999
Wildcats (1986) (Movie)WildcatsMovie1986
Invincible (2006) (Movie)InvincibleMovie2006
The Great White Hope (1970) (Movie)The Great White HopeMovie1970
The Replacements (2000) (Movie)The ReplacementsMovie2000
Grudge Match (2013) (Movie)Grudge MatchMovie2013
White Men Can't Jump (1992) (Movie)White Men Can't JumpMovie1992
D2: The Mighty Ducks (1994) (Movie)D2: The Mighty DucksMovie1994
Miracle (2004) (Movie)MiracleMovie2004
Youngblood (1986) (Movie)YoungbloodMovie1986
The Bad News Bears (1976) (Movie)The Bad News BearsMovie1976
The Mighty Ducks (1992) (Movie)The Mighty DucksMovie1992
A League of Their Own (1992) (Movie)A League of Their OwnMovie1992
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