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Title Type Year
The Hunter's Prayer (2017) (Movie)The Hunter's PrayerMovie2017
End of Days (1999) (Movie)End of DaysMovie1999
Tyler Perry's Acrimony (2018) (Movie)Tyler Perry's AcrimonyMovie2018
I, Robot (2004) (Movie)I, RobotMovie2004
Crazy as Hell (2002) (Movie)Crazy as HellMovie2002
The Matrix (1999) (Movie)The MatrixMovie1999
Unknown (2011) (Movie)UnknownMovie2011
Man on Fire (2004) (Movie)Man on FireMovie2004
The Boondock Saints (1999) (Movie)The Boondock SaintsMovie1999
Safe Haven (2013) (Movie)Safe HavenMovie2013
Angels & Demons (2009) (Movie)Angels & DemonsMovie2009
I Am Legend (2007) (Movie)I Am LegendMovie2007
Black Swan (2010) (Movie)Black SwanMovie2010
Repo Men (2010) (Movie)Repo MenMovie2010
Dead Again (1991) (Movie)Dead AgainMovie1991
Super 8 (2011) (Movie)Super 8Movie2011
Fatal Attraction (1987) (Movie)Fatal AttractionMovie1987
Vertigo (1958) (Movie)VertigoMovie1958
Farewell (2009) (Movie)FarewellMovie2009
Baby Driver (2017) (Movie)Baby DriverMovie2017
Sleeping With the Enemy (1991) (Movie)Sleeping With the EnemyMovie1991
WarGames (1983) (Movie)WarGamesMovie1983
Bon Cop, Bad Cop (2006) (Movie)Bon Cop, Bad CopMovie2006
Nerve (2016) (Movie)NerveMovie2016
Kiss of Death (1995) (Movie)Kiss of DeathMovie1995
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