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Title Type Year
Rudy (1993) (Movie)RudyMovie1993
Million Dollar Arm (2014) (Movie)Million Dollar ArmMovie2014
I, Tonya (2017) (Movie)I, TonyaMovie2017
Molly's Game (2018) (Movie)Molly's GameMovie2018
La Vie En Rose (2007) (Movie)La Vie En RoseMovie2007
La Bamba (1987) (Movie)La BambaMovie1987
What's Love Got to Do with It (1993) (Movie)What's Love Got to Do with ItMovie1993
The Fighter (2010) (Movie)The FighterMovie2010
Stars and Stripes Forever (1952) (Movie)Stars and Stripes ForeverMovie1952
Ray (2004) (Movie)RayMovie2004
Infinity (1996) (Movie)InfinityMovie1996
Ali (2001) (Movie)AliMovie2001
Invincible (2006) (Movie)InvincibleMovie2006
The Pursuit of Happyness (2006) (Movie)The Pursuit of HappynessMovie2006
Mommie Dearest (1981) (Movie)Mommie DearestMovie1981
Malcolm X (1992) (Movie)Malcolm XMovie1992
Walk the Line (2005) (Movie)Walk the LineMovie2005
127 Hours (2010) (Movie)127 HoursMovie2010
Girl, Interrupted (1999) (Movie)Girl, InterruptedMovie1999
The Fighting Sullivans (1944) (Movie)The Fighting SullivansMovie1944
The Madness of King George (1994) (Movie)The Madness of King GeorgeMovie1994
The Runaways (2010) (Movie)The RunawaysMovie2010
Patch Adams (1998) (Movie)Patch AdamsMovie1998
The Last Ride (2012) (Movie)The Last RideMovie2012
Shadowlands (1993) (Movie)ShadowlandsMovie1993
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