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Title Type Year
The Handmaid's Tale (2017) (Television Series)The Handmaid's TaleTelevision Series2017
Legion (2017) (Television Series)LegionTelevision Series2017
Twin Peaks: The Return (2017) (Television Series)Twin Peaks: The ReturnTelevision Series2017
The Americans (2013) (Television Series)The AmericansTelevision Series2013
Aquarius (2015) (Television Series)AquariusTelevision Series2015
This Is Us (2016) (Television Series)This Is UsTelevision Series2016
Game of Thrones (2011) (Television Series)Game of ThronesTelevision Series2011
Riverdale (2017) (Television Series)RiverdaleTelevision Series2017
Stranger Things (2016) (Television Series)Stranger ThingsTelevision Series2016
Mr. Robot (2015) (Television Series)Mr. RobotTelevision Series2015
Chicago Fire (2012) (Television Series)Chicago FireTelevision Series2012
The Mentalist (2008) (Television Series)The MentalistTelevision Series2008
Baywatch (1989 - 2001) (Television Series)BaywatchTelevision Series1989 - 2001
The Fall (2013) (Television Series)The FallTelevision Series2013
Waterloo Road (2006 - 2015) (Television Series)Waterloo RoadTelevision Series2006 - 2015
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2015) (Television Series)Crazy Ex-GirlfriendTelevision Series2015
Halt and Catch Fire (2014) (Television Series)Halt and Catch FireTelevision Series2014
Miami Vice (1984 - 1990) (Television Series)Miami ViceTelevision Series1984 - 1990
Limitless (2015) (Television Series)LimitlessTelevision Series2015
Ozark (2017) (Television Series)OzarkTelevision Series2017
Gotham (2014) (Television Series)GothamTelevision Series2014
UnREAL (2015) (Television Series)UnREALTelevision Series2015
The Royals (2015) (Television Series)The RoyalsTelevision Series2015
Game of Silence (2016) (Television Series)Game of SilenceTelevision Series2016
Shameless (2011) (Television Series)ShamelessTelevision Series2011
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