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Title Type Year
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (1999 - 2014) (Television Series)The Daily Show with Jon StewartTelevision Series1999 - 2014
60 Minutes (1968) (Television Series)60 MinutesTelevision Series1968
20/20 (1978) (Television Series)20/20Television Series1978
A Current Affair (1986 - 1996) (Television Series)A Current AffairTelevision Series1986 - 1996
Today (1952) (Television Series)TodayTelevision Series1952
NBC Nightly News (1970) (Television Series)NBC Nightly NewsTelevision Series1970
The Colbert Report (2005) (Television Series)The Colbert ReportTelevision Series2005
ABC World News (1978) (Television Series)ABC World NewsTelevision Series1978
Dateline NBC (1992) (Television Series)Dateline NBCTelevision Series1992
The Early Show (1999) (Television Series)The Early ShowTelevision Series1999
Good Morning America (1975) (Television Series)Good Morning AmericaTelevision Series1975
Meet the Press (1947) (Television Series)Meet the PressTelevision Series1947
TMZ (2007) (Television Series)TMZTelevision Series2007
How's Your News? (2009) (Television Series)How's Your News?Television Series2009
Extra (1994) (Television Series)ExtraTelevision Series1994
The Daily Show (1996 - 1998) (Television Series)The Daily ShowTelevision Series1996 - 1998
CBS Evening News (1948) (Television Series)CBS Evening NewsTelevision Series1948
CBS This Morning (2012) (Television Series)CBS This MorningTelevision Series2012
Crossfire (1982 - 2005) (Television Series)CrossfireTelevision Series1982 - 2005
Marketplace (1972) (Television Series)MarketplaceTelevision Series1972
The Fifth Estate (1975) (Television Series)The Fifth EstateTelevision Series1975
The National (1954) (Television Series)The NationalTelevision Series1954
Nightline (1980) (Television Series)NightlineTelevision Series1980
Anderson Cooper 360° (2003) (Television Series)Anderson Cooper 360°Television Series2003
Studio B with Shepard Smith (2002) (Television Series)Studio B with Shepard SmithTelevision Series2002
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