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The Legend of Zelda (1986) (Video Game Series)The Legend of ZeldaVideo Game Series1986
Call of Duty (2003) (Video Game Series)Call of DutyVideo Game Series2003
Bioshock (2007) (Video Game Series)BioshockVideo Game Series2007
LittleBigPlanet (2008 - 2011) (Video Game Series)LittleBigPlanetVideo Game Series2008 - 2011
Nobunaga's Ambition (1983) (Video Game Series)Nobunaga's AmbitionVideo Game Series1983
WWE (2000) (Video Game Series)WWEVideo Game Series2000
Uncharted (Video Game Series)UnchartedVideo Game Series?
Gears of War (2006) (Video Game Series)Gears of WarVideo Game Series2006
Metroid (1986) (Video Game Series)MetroidVideo Game Series1986
Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? (1985 - 2001) (Video Game Series)Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?Video Game Series1985 - 2001
StarTropics (1990 - 1994) (Video Game Series)StarTropicsVideo Game Series1990 - 1994
Grand Theft Auto (1997 - 2015) (Video Game Series)Grand Theft AutoVideo Game Series1997 - 2015
The Matrix (Video Game Series)The MatrixVideo Game Series?
XCOM (1994) (Video Game Series)XCOMVideo Game Series1994
Dishonored (2012 - 2016) (Video Game Series)DishonoredVideo Game Series2012 - 2016
Metal Gear (1987 - 2012) (Video Game Series)Metal GearVideo Game Series1987 - 2012
Halo (2001) (Video Game Series)HaloVideo Game Series2001
Hitman (2000) (Video Game Series)HitmanVideo Game Series2000
F.E.A.R. (2005) (Video Game Series)F.E.A.R.Video Game Series2005
The Godfather (Video Game Series)The GodfatherVideo Game Series?
Karaoke Revolution (Video Game Series)Karaoke RevolutionVideo Game Series?
Batman: Arkham (2009) (Video Game Series)Batman: ArkhamVideo Game Series2009
Far Cry (2004) (Video Game Series)Far CryVideo Game Series2004
Leisure Suit Larry (1987 - 2009) (Video Game Series)Leisure Suit LarryVideo Game Series1987 - 2009
Pokemon Trozei (Video Game Series)Pokemon TrozeiVideo Game Series?
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