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Title Type Year
Hershey's (Company)Hershey'sCompany?
Bensons for Beds (Brand)Bensons for BedsBrand?
Google Chromebook (Product)Google ChromebookProduct?
Pandora (Brand)PandoraBrand?
Sonos (Brand)SonosBrand?
Walmart (1962) (Company)WalmartCompany1962
Ford Escape (Product)Ford EscapeProduct?
GEICO (Company)GEICOCompany?
Gatorade (Brand)GatoradeBrand?
My Pillow (Brand)My PillowBrand?
Apple iPhone X (2017) (Product)Apple iPhone XProduct2017
Vitaminwater (Brand)VitaminwaterBrand?
Liberty Mutual Insurance (Company)Liberty Mutual InsuranceCompany?
Applebee's (Company)Applebee'sCompany?
Starbucks (1971) (Company)StarbucksCompany1971
HomeGoods (Brand)HomeGoodsBrand?
Tostitos (Brand)TostitosBrand?
Samsung Galaxy S7 (Product)Samsung Galaxy S7Product?
Tate Stevens (Brand)Tate StevensBrand?
Lady Bird (Product)Lady BirdProduct?
A&W (Brand)A&WBrand? (Company)PooPourri.comCompany?
PayPal (1998) (Company)PayPalCompany1998
Apple (Company)AppleCompany?
Mott's (Company)Mott'sCompany?
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