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Title Type Year
GEICO Motorcycle (Product)GEICO MotorcycleProduct?
Arby's (1964) (Company)Arby'sCompany1964
Doritos (1964) (Brand)DoritosBrand1964
The Great British Bake Off (Product)The Great British Bake OffProduct?
Volkswagen Tiguan (Product)Volkswagen TiguanProduct?
Bing (Company)BingCompany?
Subaru (1953) (Company)SubaruCompany1953
Starz (Brand)StarzBrand?
Mr. Clean (1958) (Brand)Mr. CleanBrand1958
All Things Hair (Brand)All Things HairBrand?
Charmin (Brand)CharminBrand?
Spotify (Brand)SpotifyBrand?
Colgate Total (Product)Colgate TotalProduct?
KFC (Brand)KFCBrand?
State Farm (Company)State FarmCompany?
Campbell's Well Yes! (Product)Campbell's Well Yes!Product?
Kellogg's Raisin Bran Crunch Apple Strawberry (Product)Kellogg's Raisin Bran Crunch Apple StrawberryProduct?
American Express Platinum (Product)American Express PlatinumProduct?
Apple Watch Series 3 (2017) (Product)Apple Watch Series 3Product2017
GEICO (Company)GEICOCompany?
NFL (1920) (Company)NFLCompany1920 (Brand)GoBoldly.comBrand?
Corona Light (Product)Corona LightProduct?
Wonderful Pistachios (Product)Wonderful PistachiosProduct?
Apple (Company)AppleCompany?
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