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Title Type Year
Hershey's (Company)Hershey'sCompany?
Sonos (Brand)SonosBrand?
Pandora (Brand)PandoraBrand?
PayPal (1998) (Company)PayPalCompany1998
Scandanavian Airlines (Company)Scandanavian AirlinesCompany?
Michelob Ultra (2002) (Product)Michelob UltraProduct2002
Kia (1944) (Company)KiaCompany1944
Liberty Mutual Insurance (Company)Liberty Mutual InsuranceCompany?
Starbucks (1971) (Company)StarbucksCompany1971
Haagen-Dazs (Brand)Haagen-DazsBrand?
GEICO Motorcycle (Product)GEICO MotorcycleProduct?
All Things Hair (Brand)All Things HairBrand?
Toujeo (Brand)ToujeoBrand?
Colgate Total (Product)Colgate TotalProduct?
Dinty Moore Stew (Brand)Dinty Moore StewBrand? (Brand)AllThingsHair.comBrand?
Charmin (Brand)CharminBrand?
Thursday Night Football (Product)Thursday Night FootballProduct?
Dignity Health (Brand)Dignity HealthBrand?
Ford Escape (Product)Ford EscapeProduct?
Chase (Company)ChaseCompany?
Vitaminwater (Brand)VitaminwaterBrand?
Muller Rice 5 Grains (Product)Muller Rice 5 GrainsProduct?
BMW (1917) (Company)BMWCompany1917
Hershey's Chocolate Bar (Product)Hershey's Chocolate BarProduct?
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