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Title Type Year
Splatoon (2015) (Video Game Series)SplatoonVideo Game Series2015
Middle-Earth (2014) (Video Game Series)Middle-EarthVideo Game Series2014
Destiny (2014) (Video Game Series)DestinyVideo Game Series2014
EA Sports UFC (2014 - 2016) (Video Game Series)EA Sports UFCVideo Game Series2014 - 2016
Watch Dogs (2014) (Video Game Series)Watch DogsVideo Game Series2014
Titanfall (2014) (Video Game Series)TitanfallVideo Game Series2014
Disney Infinity (2013) (Video Game Series)Disney InfinityVideo Game Series2013
Hotline Miami (2012) (Video Game Series)Hotline MiamiVideo Game Series2012
Of Orcs and Men (2012) (Video Game Series)Of Orcs and MenVideo Game Series2012
Dishonored (2012 - 2016) (Video Game Series)DishonoredVideo Game Series2012 - 2016
Minecraft (2011) (Video Game Series)MinecraftVideo Game Series2011
Dark Souls (2011) (Video Game Series)Dark SoulsVideo Game Series2011
NASCAR The Game (2011) (Video Game Series)NASCAR The GameVideo Game Series2011
Skylanders (2011) (Video Game Series)SkylandersVideo Game Series2011
Kinect Sports (2010) (Video Game Series)Kinect SportsVideo Game Series2010
Dance Central (2010) (Video Game Series)Dance CentralVideo Game Series2010
Red Dead Redemption (2010) (Video Game Series)Red Dead RedemptionVideo Game Series2010
Angry Birds (2009) (Video Game Series)Angry BirdsVideo Game Series2009
Bayonetta (2009 - 2014) (Video Game Series)BayonettaVideo Game Series2009 - 2014
Borderlands (2009) (Video Game Series)BorderlandsVideo Game Series2009
Batman: Arkham (2009) (Video Game Series)Batman: ArkhamVideo Game Series2009
Infamous (2009) (Video Game Series)InfamousVideo Game Series2009
Dragon Age (2009) (Video Game Series)Dragon AgeVideo Game Series2009
Mirror's Edge (2008) (Video Game Series)Mirror's EdgeVideo Game Series2008
Dead Space (2008) (Video Game Series)Dead SpaceVideo Game Series2008
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