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Title Type Year
The Sims 3 (2009) (Video Game)The Sims 3Video Game2009
Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (1991) (Video Game)Street Fighter II: The World WarriorVideo Game1991
Donkey Konga (2003) (Video Game)Donkey KongaVideo Game2003
Minecraft (2009) (Video Game)MinecraftVideo Game2009
Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (2014) (Video Game)Hearthstone: Heroes of WarcraftVideo Game2014
Pro Evolution Soccer 2 (2002) (Video Game)Pro Evolution Soccer 2Video Game2002
Deus Ex (2000) (Video Game)Deus ExVideo Game2000
The Saboteur (2009) (Video Game)The SaboteurVideo Game2009
Karaoke Revolution Volume 2 (2004) (Video Game)Karaoke Revolution Volume 2Video Game2004
Kinect Star Wars (2012) (Video Game)Kinect Star WarsVideo Game2012
Angry Birds 2 (2015) (Video Game)Angry Birds 2Video Game2015
Saints Row IV (2013) (Video Game)Saints Row IVVideo Game2013
Smash Hit (Video Game)Smash HitVideo Game?
Dead or Alive Ultimate (2004) (Video Game)Dead or Alive UltimateVideo Game2004
Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (2014) (Video Game)Lego Batman 3: Beyond GothamVideo Game2014
SingStar '90s (2007) (Video Game)SingStar '90sVideo Game2007
Minecraft: Story Mode (2015) (Video Game)Minecraft: Story ModeVideo Game2015
Temple Run 2 (2013) (Video Game)Temple Run 2Video Game2013
Rampage (1986) (Video Game)RampageVideo Game1986
Blade Runner (1997) (Video Game)Blade RunnerVideo Game1997
Catch Phrase Blitz Big Screen (2016) (Video Game)Catch Phrase Blitz Big ScreenVideo Game2016
Diablo III (2012) (Video Game)Diablo IIIVideo Game2012
WWE WrestleMania XIX (2003) (Video Game)WWE WrestleMania XIXVideo Game2003
Scarface: The World Is Yours (2006) (Video Game)Scarface: The World Is YoursVideo Game2006
Destiny 2 (2017) (Video Game)Destiny 2Video Game2017
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